Resources: May Speakers Forum – Ask a Geologist: The What, Where, and Why of Landslides

Each year in the U.S., landslides kill an average of 25 to 50 people. Globally, the death count is in the thousands. Landslides also destroy property and portions of highways at huge economic cost. What are the different types of landslides and their causes? Do landslides only occur on hillsides or can they occur on seemingly level ground? Have the number of landslides increased in recent years? Can they be predicted and/or prevented? What are the odds that a major landslide may affect life as we know it in Southern California in the near future?

Our speaker was Greg De Hoogh. A long-time member of Orange County Mensa, Greg recently retired as a geology instructor at Cal State Long Beach. He shared with us his knowledge of landslides, describing several significant ones, including some in California, and the conditions necessary for a landslide to occur.

Click here for a recording of this presentation.