Essay by Andrew George

Andrew George won the $2000 Larry Grannis Memorial Scholarship for 2021.

My academic and professional goals are complex and far reaching, regardless I will accomplish them. I have learned to overcome adversity, and accomplished anything I set my mind on. My academic goals are to obtain a doctorate in physics with an emphasis in mechanical engineering. This path of study will allow me to obtain the scientific and technical knowledge necessary to obtain my professional goals.

I want to create a better condition for humanity, to promote happiness, health, safety, and a global paradigm of unity. I will create organizations to propel humanity into becoming a multi-planetary, technologically advanced species capable of tackling global issues such as pandemics and natural disasters, and pollution and pestilence; and provide the basic necessities of survival for every human being. It is my desire to eliminate suffering from the world. These businesses will span a wide variety of industries, technologies, and fields of science. With my past business experience, and my passions in all of the associated fields of study, I am confident that obtaining my degrees in my chosen fields will equip me with the knowledge, academic resources, and experience necessary to create and ultimately lead to success each professional goal I present.

Professionally, my goals are: the creation of new energy sources, to create a world powered and heated safely and with maximum efficiency and minimum pollution; furthering robotics, revolutionizing the workforce, to allow a species-wide enlightenment and redefinition of what constitutes as work and the responsibility of each individual to society; proliferating bio printing technologies to print body parts, organs, and skin grafts, eliminating the need for donors; production of food by machine printing, phasing out environmentally destructive practices; reinvigorating genetic repair and gene therapies so disease and genetic mutations can be healed, allowing for a healthier and longer living species; advancing medical science and inoculations to the point that disease and congenital conditions no longer exist; advancing Bio-technology and Nano-technology so that disability and physical defect no longer plague the species, severed limbs and neuro pathways can be repaired and regenerated or replaced with bionic substitutions; developing space and deep pressure environment technology to allow for the expansion into new frontiers, ensuring the perpetuation of the human species.

In elementary school I created a business repairing computers and running IT support to raise money for school trips and activities. I joined Boy Scouts, achieving the highest rank of Eagle Scout by holding a leadership position for four years in a group of one hundred fifty boys. I designed my Eagle Project to rebuild decaying school property at my high school and donated the excess proceeds of three thousand dollars. I organized, fundraised, recruited volunteers, designed proposals, and led the fabrication and installation, completing the project. In my mid-teens, I performed and worked in the music industry. I created a business to provide branding and marketing solutions for both the entertainment industry as well as corporate clients. I managed a team of videographers, photographers, audio engineers, graphic designers, web designers, and SEO marketing specialists to create custom marketing solutions for any entity. Our clients included large multi-national corporations and politicians. I continued to work until I became disabled in an accident. Adjusting to a new lifestyle, and embarking on my academic path, my goals have never been more focused, tangible, and clear.


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