Golden ShieldThe Oracle is the award-winning monthly newsletter of Orange County Mensa. You may select whether to receive a printed copy mailed to you OR an electronic copy emailed to you.

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A recent Oracle cover

A recent Oracle cover

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Subscriptions (printed Oracles) for Out-of-Area Members

If you’re a member of American Mensa (but not of Orange County Mensa), and you’d like to receive a snail-mailed copy of the Oracle for the next twelve months, please send your mailing address, and a $25 check (payable to Orange County Mensa), to:

OC Mensa
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Santa Ana, CA 92799-8141

Prospective members may purchase three sample issues for $6. Same address, same payee.


Submitting Material

The Oracle welcomes submissions of material from any member of Orange County Mensa or other Mensa members.


2017 Production Schedule

For Issue Submission Deadline Proofing Mailing
Month Monday 10 PM Saturday Saturday 10 AM
February 2017 1/9 1/14 1/21
March 2017 2/13 2/18 2/25
April 2017 3/13 3/18 3/25
May 2017 4/10 4/15 4/22
June 2017 5/8 5/13 5/20
July 2017 6/12 6/17 6/24
August 2017 7/10 7/15 7/22
September 2017 8/14 8/19 8/26
October 2017 9/11 9/16 9/23
November 2017 10/9 10/14 10/21
December 2017 11/13 11/18 11/25
January 2018 12/11 12/16 12/23



Get your company’s message out to over 800 highly-intelligent people in Orange County!

Rates for Mensa members*:

Size/Number-of-Insertions 1/2 page 1/4 page 1/8 page Business Card
1 Month $40 $24 $16 $13
6 Months $200 $120 $80 $65
12 Months $360 $216 $144 $117

*If you are not a Mensa member, the above rates are doubled.

Please send an email to our Editor to discuss ad-copy formats.



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