Essay by Nedda Bozorgmehri

Nedda Bozorgmehri, of Foothill Ranch, CA, won the 2016 $300 Local Group Karen Cooper Scholarship.

It was 2:00 a.m. in the morning in East Croydon, U.K. I was sitting on the hotel bed staring at my laptop screen, trying to finish the draft of my policy speech for the first day of committee at the international Royal Russell Model United Nations Conference. It was during that moment when I came up with the following closing statement for my speech, “Let us not worry about what sets us apart as individual nations, but dwell on what brings us together as one body, one United Nation.”

Model UN is a program that introduced me to the importance of collaboration and compromise when it comes to solving pressing international issues. At the Royal Russell Conference, I worked with youth delegates from all around the world to develop resolutions that promote sustainability, alleviate poverty, and establish peace. This conference, and the MUN program as a whole, have inspired me to want to take on a career as a real member of the United Nations, where I can collaborate with other individuals and work towards making a positive impact in the world.

I applied early decision for and was accepted to Wellesley College. I plan to major in international relations, with a double major in political science, and a minor in Spanish. With a degree from Wellesley, I hope to be a respected, ambitious, and confident leader. Furthermore, I plan to study abroad in Spain to increase my understanding of the Spanish culture and language. I will also learn about Spain’s various environmental, social, and political issues that must be addressed. Completing these academic goals will enable me acquire the necessary skills to take on internships with UN ambassadors and then attend graduate school.

Participating in various internships will help increase my experience with international relations, and enable me to apply my theoretical knowledge to real-world situations. During high school, I interned for Dr. Paula Garb, a lecturer on peace-building and conflict resolution at UC Irvine, attended a panel with the Dalai Lama and Nobel Laureates, and interacted with students from conflict zones in the South Caucasus at a conference. These events prompted the establishment of a Global Peace Education Database. Seeing the incredible outcome of the peace-building projects as a result of our team work, is another factor that pushes me to pursue my goal of working in the field of international relations.

As a UN member, I will focus on issues such as environmental protection, education, opportunities for economic growth, and establishment of peace in conflict zones. I hope to work with nongovernmental organizations and construct schools in various impoverished nations in Africa. I want to be part of the process that creates a better learning environment and provides useful educational tools for teachers and students. I also plan on developing community action plans that would create job opportunities and protect endangered species in the Southeast Asian nations.

I developed these aforementioned solutions, and many more, during MUN conferences, but deep down in my heart I am eager to implement them in reality. With hard work and perseverance I can fulfill my academic endeavors which will then enable me to pursue the career of my dreams – being a member of the UN – and working to implement solutions that will improve the everyday lives of others globally.


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