Orange County Mensa Standing Orders

  1. Standing Orders:
    1. These Standing Orders are the complete Standing Orders as of April 29, 2021.
    2. The Secretary shall keep a list of the Standing Orders and present the list to incoming Board members.
  2. Official, Membership List:
    1. The President shall, in a timely manner, complete the necessary forms to assure that the following people receive the specified items directly from AML:
      1. Membership Committee Chair and Newsletter Editor – monthly copies of the membership list.
      2. Directory Chair ― one copy of the membership list, on computer diskette, in time to produce the Directory issue.
      3. Newsletter Subscription Manager – monthly copies of the membership list and member address labels for the newsletter.
  3. Official, OC Mensa Property:
    1. All decisions regarding the disposition and use of all OC Mensa property shall be made by the Treasurer on behalf of the Board.
  4. Official, Committees:
    1. Any open committee positions will be announced in the Oracle for at least one issue prior to being filled. Any member who wants to fill a vacant position can contact any Board Member.
  5. Financial:
    1. The monthly Treasurer’s Report shall include a disbursements log.
    2. The Treasurer shall provide a simplified cash flow statement in writing for each Board member.
    3. All auxiliary accounts (including RG accounts) shall be reported on monthly to the Treasurer.
    4. At the discretion of the Board, the outgoing Treasurer will continue to act in that capacity until the transition of signatories at the bank is effected and a smooth transition is assured.
    5. A $12,000 minimum balance shall be maintained in the general fund.
  6. Club Receipts:
    1. The Treasurer of OC Mensa shall deposit all club money and checks into the appropriate account within one week of receiving the money or check.
    2. Treasurers of OC Mensa Special Events (i.e., RG Treasurer, AG Treasurer, etc.) shall have a financial statement and all the supporting receipts prepared and delivered to the OC Mensa Financial Review Chair within three months after the event. Any club funds in a separate account for the special event should be available for transfer to the primary club accounts within three months after the event.
    3. Members of OC Mensa other than the group Treasurer and Special Events Treasurers who receive money and checks on behalf of OC Mensa (i.e., Proctors, Speakers’ Forum Program Chair, Oracle Editor, etc.) shall forward the checks and money to the Group Treasurer within one week of receipt.
  7. Club Expenses:
    1. Members of OC Mensa who spend personal funds on Board-approved expenditures shall be reimbursed from club funds if theyprovide the Treasurer with receipt(s) for the amount spent, a request for a check and an explanation of the expense. The Treasurer shall issue a check within a reasonable time unless Board approval is required and this approval has not previously been given.
    2. Members of OC Mensa requiring advance check(s) for Board-approved expenditures are required to collect receipt(s) for the expenditures. The member shall return the receipt(s) and remaining unspent funds, if any, within one week of making the final purchase or expenditure.
    3. Members’ mileage and other travel expenses shall not be reimbursed, except in extraordinary circumstances, and then only with the approval of the Board.
    4. Any administrative expenses spent on the Scholarship Program (copying, postage, office supplies, etc.) are to be paid out of the General Fund, not out of the funds earmarked for local scholarships.
  8. Liability for Loss:
    1. OC Mensa is not responsible for lost or misplaced receipts, receipts not collected at the time of purchase, and lost or stolen cash OC Mensa will not reimburse non-receipted purchases or expenditures.
    2. OC Mensa members will not be responsible for lost funds in the form of a check if the lost check is not cashed and can be replaced. The member is responsible for any additional bank charges to cancel the original check and issue a new check. If the check has been cashed or cannot be reissued, the loss will be handled in the same manner as if it were a cash loss.
  9. Oracle:
    1. There shall be sufficient newsletters printed to satisfy the following needs (all numbers are per month):
      1. Membership Committee – As requested each month by the Membership Chair.
      2. Each Board Member – As requested by the individual, up to 5 copies.
      3. Each immediate past Board Member – As requested by the individual, up to 5 copies.
      4. Mailing Party – As requested by the person supervising the Mailing Party, up to 20 copies per month.
      5. Archives – 2 copies per month.
      6. Newsletter Editor – As requested, up to 20 copies per month for distribution to contributors, submission for judging, etc.
      7. Newsletter Subscription Manager – As requested, up to 10 copies per month to replace issues not received by members, etc.
    2. Requests for additional quantities are subject to Board approval.
    3. Prospective Member newsletter subscriptions are limited to a three-month trial subscription.
    4. The Oracle Editor is responsible for announcing the Board Meetings schedule in the Calendar of the newsletter.
    5. To the extent feasible, the Oracle Editor shall provide space for announcing the Regional Gatherings of other local groups in return for space for announcements promoting the OC Mensa Regional Gathering in their newsletters.
    6. The Oracle will only publish candidate statements for Orange County Mensa and RVC-9.
  10. Events, Attendance by Children:
    1. The newsletter Calendar shall state that events with no restrictions on attendance are open to all members, regardless of age, and their adult guests.
    2. Parental supervision of children is required at all events.
    3. Calendar entries for events should specify the age group to be welcomed at each event, using established codes or other explanations. Events should be restricted to “Adults Only” sparingly, and only when the nature of the program demands it. When in doubt, parental discretion should be advised.
    4. Age shall not be a factor in admittance to the monthly Open Houses. The annual Holiday Party shall be designated “Children Welcome.” All non-members, regardless of age, shall be assessed the prevailing guest price for admission.
  11. Events, General:
    1. Board meetings, Open Houses, Speakers’ Forums, Oracle weekends, mailing parties, the ballot counting, the Holiday party and the Regional Gathering are official Orange County Mensa events. All other events are hosted and sponsored by individual members. Official events are always open to all members in good standing, regardless of age or any other factor.
    2. Attendance at Board meetings is restricted to local members, and invited guests of Board members.
    3. Attendance at Oracle weekends and mailing parties is restricted to local members and their guests.
    4. Events that are open to “Members Only” shall be so designated in the newsletter Calendar.
    5. Appropriate clothing must be worn at all official Orange County Mensa events. Events that are “clothing optional” must clearly state that they are clothing optional.
    6. All fund raising events at official functions of OC Mensa must be approved by the Board. Entertainment plans for official functions of OC Mensa must be approved at a Board meeting, or for events such as the Regional Gathering and Speakers’ Forum, by the event Chair. The event chair shall make entertainment plans within established guidelines.
  12. Events, Open House:
    1. If receipts are provided, the host shall be reimbursed up to $225.
    2. An OC Mensa Officer shall be present to be responsible for the money and to provide guidance.
    3. Admission is $5 per person for members and each guest.
    4. Every person attending shall pay the amount set, except for the host’s immediate family and OC Mensans attending their first Open House, whose admissions shall be free.
    5. The Open House is a fund-raising event and all surplus money in the kitty shall go to Orange County Mensa.
    6. The responsible Board member may authorize purchases as appropriate, based on attendance.
  13. Events, Speakers’ Forums:
    1. Speakers’ Forums are open to the public.
  14. Events, Anniversary Event:
    1. The Anniversary Event shall be held annually in late March or early April.
  15. Events, Board Meetings:
    1. There shall be no mechanical or electronic record made of Board meetings without the majority consent of the Board.
    2. All outgoing Board members will attend the first meeting of the incoming Board. The purpose is to review all duties and responsibilities of each Board member, review the Bylaws and Standing Orders, and hand over all records, paperwork, and status reports of pending projects to assure a smooth transition and maintain Board continuity.
  16. Events, Display of Non-Mensa-related Literature at Official OC Mensa Events:
    The value of distributing promotional literature at events is unquestioned. To provide some measure of control, the following rules are established for official events. SIG coordinators/ hosts are encouraged to adapt them as needed for their functions.

    1. Any Mensan bringing literature shall obtain express permission from the host to distribute it. The host’s decision is final.
    2. Only Mensa-related literature may be displayed on the sign-in table.
    3. The host may provide a location for other literature; otherwise, the person distributing literature may place it in only one location.
    4. The distributor is responsible for recovery of his/her literature, which may have been taken and then left around the location as well as from the designated place. Hosts, Board members and other cleanup people shall not be responsible for return of the literature.
  17. Events, Regional Gatherings:
    1. OC Mensa’s Regional Gathering shall be held annually, on dates chosen by the Board (preferably Labor Day weekend), unless it conflicts with the Annual Gathering.
    2. Regional Gathering Guidelines: Regional Gatherings (RGs) of Orange County Mensa shall include at least the following:
      1. Speakers on a variety of subjects scheduled throughout the RG.
      2. A Hospitality Suite including at least the following items:
        • Wine and major name-brand beer
        • Name-brand (Coke, Pepsi, 7-UP, etc.) soft drinks
        • Coffee and tea
        • Chips, vegetables, dips and other snacks
    3. No members of the RG Committee shall be paid for their work.
    4. All members of the RG Committee shall be reimbursed for all legitimate expenses incurred in the course of their duties. However, their travel expenses shall not be reimbursed, except in extraordinary circumstances, and then only with the approval of the Board.
    5. Bids for the regional gathering shall include a preliminary (proposed) budget, which includes registration prices, and increase dates, targeted attendance, and an outline of planned expenses. Bids shall also outline the theme of the event with ideas for implementation. A proposed RG committee with names and positions of volunteers shall be presented.
    6. The RG chair (or Committee representative) is to attend all Board Meetings beginning five months prior to the RG, in order to report RG plans and progress to the Board. This is to include information about the status of the program, hospitality, registration, etc.
    7. It is expected that the RG will have a website linked to the OC Mensa website, and that updates are to be posted monthly at a minimum.
    8. A full financial accounting to the Board will be due two months after the end of the RG.
    9. The Regional Gathering belongs to the group, not to the RG Chair or RG Committee.
    10. A hotel contract shall be negotiated by the RG Chair or OCM’s President or his/her designee. It shall be signed by the President and RG Chair after being approved by the board. Changes to the hotel contract must be signed by the President and the RG Chair. Copies of the completed contract shall be distributed to OCM’s President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, RG Chair and RG Treasurer.
    11. Regional Gatherings shall be operated within a budget approved by the board of Directors (Board). The Budget shall include sufficient detail so that the Board and other interested members know in which categories the funds will be spent. The budget shall be presented to the Board at least four months prior to the RG. The budget shall be approved before the hotel contract is signed.
    12. All expenditures shall be made within the constraints of the budget. The budget may be changed, but only with the Board’s approval.
    13. All expenditures shall be made at arm’s length. Members of the RG Committee, their families, and their households shall not be vendors to the RG. Exceptions shall be approved in advance by the Board of Directors, if they deem it to be beneficial to the group. With regard to any exceptions note in the preceding sentence, sufficient documentation shall be provided to the Board prior to the commitment of any expenditure so that the Board can make an intelligent decision in a timely manner.
    14. It is understood that the Board will determine how and when any RG profits are spent.
    15. Speakers, entertainers and other guests shall not be provided with free registrations nor counted as registrants. They may be provided day passes, provided they are not Mensa members, at the reasonable discretion of the RG Chair.
    16. The RG Treasurer shall present a preliminary financial statement as complete as possible to the Board at its first meeting following the conclusion of the RG. The statement shall include best estimates for items that have not been finalized. The RG Treasurer shall present a final financial statement to the Board and the Historian at the next succeeding meeting.
    17. The final financial report for the RG (see Bylaws) shall include, but not be limited to, the numbers of paid registrants by category (amount paid), the number of day passes issued, and the number of room nights used by the group and its attendees at the hotel.
    18. All Mensa members participating in the RG in any way shall pay for their registrations to the RG, unless budgeted otherwise. This includes all committee members and chairs, speakers, entertainers, those presenting a program, or those just helping out.
    19. The Budget shall not provide for expenses nor shall any monies be paid to or on behalf of any speaker, entertainer or other guest in excess of $500. This includes fees, honorariums, travel, hotel, meals, and incidental costs. Exceptions may be approved by the Board.
    20. Funds included in the budget to be paid to or on behalf of all speakers, entertainers or other guests shall not exceed a total of $2500. This includes fees, honorariums, travel, hotel, meals, and incidental costs. Exceptions may be approved by the Board.
  18. Scholarships:
    1. Applications for scholarships will be restricted to residents of Orange County or students attending a school located in Orange County.