Special Interest Groups (“SIGs”)

National SIGs

American Mensa has more than 100 Special Interest Groups. If you have a specific interest, check out the list of  SIGs on the American Mensa web site.

Region 9 SIG

Disneyland SIG – Attend Disneyland with your Mensa friends!

Information: Disneyland M-SIG | Facebook

Contact: Guy Felton, gfeltonlb@gmail.com or 562-480-3109



On the local level, Special Interest Groups plan and carry out the many regular activities centered around a theme or interest. Each SIG is coordinated by one or more members whose names are listed below.

Special Interest Groups are the life blood of any Mensa local group, and Orange County Mensa is no exception.

Title Coordinator Contact Other Info
(almost) FREE LUNCH John Olsen (714) 771-3095 Various eateries
Beerhunters John Olsen (714) 771-3095 Various brewpubs
Danny K's Quiz Night Tim Bentley cestrian49@yahoo.com Orange
First/Last Odd Thursday (F.O.T./L.O.T.) John & Thea Olsen (714) 771-3095 Orange
Inland Empire Joan Francis Zoom
LuncH John Olsen (714) 771-3095 Orange
Speakers Forum Angie Mattson (714) 974-0847 Varies

Mensa members only: To form a SIG and/or list your meeting in the OCM Calendar, contact the Calendar Editor.

Regularly Scheduled OCM Events

Title Contact Phone Other Info
Open House OCM President The Open House is our "official" monthly social activity.  It is generally the 1st Saturday of most months at 7 PM or 8 PM. It's a great way to get acquainted, visit, and converse with your fellow Mensans. Dates and locations are printed in the calendar in the Oracle.
Board Meeting OCM President The OCM Board meets approximately 4 times a year.  This is where decisions about OCM are made. All OCM members are welcome. To make it possible for as many members as possible to attend, we are now meeting on Zoom. Dates and other info for attending are printed in the calendar in the Oracle.