Submit a Calendar Announcement

Do you have an idea for a Mensa activity or get-together you think you might enjoy just as much (or more) than the ones you normally see scheduled? To schedule your own Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting or other kind of social activity in next month’s OCM calendar, simply submit an announcement to our Calendar Editor by the submission deadline.

Note: You must be a Mensa member to submit a calendar entry.

To submit a calendar announcement to our Calendar Editor:

  • Pick a date and time.
  • Submit the form below.
  • Announcements may be edited for length.
  • Privacy policy:
    • Unless you request otherwise, your photo, telephone number, and email address will appear in the in-print edition of the calendar, but only your telephone number will appear in the online edition.
    • The street address of events in public places (restaurant, theater, etc.) will appear both in-print and online. Unless you request otherwise, the street address of events in private homes will appear in-print, but not online.
  • (This is useful for newcomers who don't know what you look like.)
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