2024 RG FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is a Regional Gathering?

A.  A Regional Gathering (RG) is the Mensa version of a convention or conference. Compared to many other conferences you may have attended, however, we build more fun into an RG. Of course, we also include a fair share of serious and intellectually stimulating events. Activities range from speakers and workshops to games, trivia, contests, puzzles, arts and crafts, music, food and drink – usually you have a choice of several things going on at any one time. The heart of an RG is the Hospitality Suite, where folks can relax and visit while noshing on a variety of snacks and beverages (included in your registration fee). If you are new and don’t know many people, an RG is an ideal place to get acquainted.


Q. What is included in my Registration Fee?

A.  Our Hospitality Suite will serve dinner on Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and lunch and dinner on Sunday. In between are snacks, desserts, soft drinks, beer, and wine. Also, all the speakers and the evening entertainment are included in your registration fee.


Q. Tell me more about the Hospitality Suite.

A.  The Hospitality Suite is where you can relax and converse with old friends and meet new ones. You’ll always find a beverage or snack to keep you fueled.


Q. Do I have to register for the entire weekend?

A.  Yes, we are giving priority to attendees who register for the entire weekend. If you can only come for just one day and you don’t want to pay for the entire weekend, you can contact the RG registrar to find out if/when we may open up attendance for single-day attendance with single day registration rates. You should know, however, that last year we filled up with 70 full-weekend attendees before the RG began. We are limiting the attendance because we want to avoid overcrowding to make sure we have enough seating, food, and drink for all.  Our intention is to offer our attendees a positive and enjoyable experience.


Q. What speakers and workshops are planned?

A.  The schedule of events is coming soon.


Q. What about staying at the hotel?

A.  It’s totally up to you. Many attendees like to take a room and make it a mini-vacation. On the other hand, some who live nearby commute each day to save money.


Q. Do I have to be a Mensa member to attend?

A.  The RG is for members of Mensa and their guests who accompany them.


Q. What about children?

A.  Young Mensans and children of our members are, of course, welcome to attend with their parents. However, there will not be events specifically for them.


Q. I’m coming from out of town. Which airport should I fly into?

A.  The hotel is about a 5-minute drive from Orange County’s John Wayne Airport (SNA). The hotel offers a free shuttle to and from Orange County Airport.


Q. When is the best time to register?

A.  NOW! You can take advantage of discounted pricing if you register early.