Speakers Forum – Focused Ultrasound

At our January, 2018, Speakers Forum, Mensa member Raffi Sahul, PhD, an international expert on ultrasound for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in healthcare, spoke on "Non-invasive Ultrasound Treatments for Cancer, Parkinson's Tremor, and … [Read more...]

Upcoming Mensa Gatherings

If you want an immersion in all things Mensan, then these gatherings are where you’ll want to be during the coming months. Note that many gatherings offer a discount if you register early. Regional Gatherings (RGs) These Mensa … [Read more...]

Available OCM Volunteer Opportunities

What’s the best way to meet and get to know your fellow Mensans? Volunteer! OCM is run entirely by our members who volunteer their time and talents. Most of our “jobs” are fun and many of them don’t take a huge amount of time.  Other volunteer jobs … [Read more...]

Disneyland SIG

What could be more fun than visiting Disneyland together with your Mensa friends? A Region 9 Disneyland SIG has been formed for Mensa members from throughout Southern California who want to visit Disneyland with other Mensans. Mensa members with … [Read more...]

Mensa on the “Today” Show

Mensa was recently featured on the "Today" Show. The lead-in was a story about a British child who is a member. Following that, the anchors had fun with some sample questions from the International Mensa website. … [Read more...]